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Discounted license packages for Schools, Universities and other types of educational and training institutes. The packages are for use within the same institution and for education use only.


The perfect CNC training tool!

Schools and universities all over the world use the CNCSimulator in their daily CNC training classes. It is an invaluable tool to safely let students try CNC programming on different machines. Just like a pilot, the student should spend many hours in a safe simulated environment before starting to handle real machines. The CNCSimulator offers a simulated CNC controller, various 3D machines (milling, turning, etc.) as well as a contemporary built-in CAM system. We also offer tutorials and online-material to assist the student.

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We accept Purchase Orders 


Online direct orders and payments are preferred as they provide a quicker and more convenient transaction process for both seller and buyer, however we understand that not all institutions have the possibility to order and pay online. To order using a Purchase Order, please follow the instructions below.

Your Accounting or Purchasing Department can generate a PO number for you prior to placing an order with us.

Once you have PO approval from your department or organization, send an email with a scanned signed copy to the email address below. This is required before shipment occurs.


Please provide an email address (if different from the sender email), so we can email the invoice to you once we process your order. The email address can be of the end user or it can be the accounting/purchasing contact within your organization.

Please, also provide us with a name and an email for a contact person that will be responsible for the installation of the software.

When we receive the PO, we will start processing your order and preparing the licenses. Instructions will be sent to the contact person given. All licenses are delivered electronically, we do not send physical goods like disks or books.

Upon delivery, we will send an invoice by email to the same address as the order came from, and if given, also to the accounting/ purchasing contact email. All payments are due 30 days from the date stated on the invoice.

Payments can be done online or via bank transfer. We do not accept checks.

If you have additional questions about how to purchase using a PO, or need a quote provided to you, please contact us.

For bank transfers: Please see the following page for payment options.

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