The CNC Academy E-learning Center



We at believe that great education is the key to success at any workshop. CNC programmers and operators need to be well prepared before starting to handle expensive and sometimes dangerous machines. This is why we have started the CNC Academy. Here we are going to collect all those tutorials, hints, tips and tricks you find on our site at one place. Our virtual teacher Tom is going to hold e-learning classes on different topics and whether you are at a school, a university, a workshop or a hobbyist at home, we promise you will find something new to learn here. The CNC Academy is going to grow over time. Make sure you pay a visit every now and then to get the latest.

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A short note about updates:
We are constantly improving the program by releasing updates with new functionality and improved performance. Sometimes the look of things change. For example, the machine selector dialog does not look like it did originally, settings has been added and new menu functions as well. Be prepared that everything in the classes and tutorials does not look exactly like the current version, but the main function is the same. If you have questions about these changes, let us know and we will try to clarify.

image Classes with Tom image

We recommend that you attend all classes in the order that follows.


image Class 1The CNCSimulator Pro main window

imageClass 2Milling our first part

imageClass 3Turning our first part

imageClass 4Getting to know the editor

imageClass 5The 2D View and the Controller

imageClass 6Settings and the Inventory Browser


imageClass 1SimCam Workflow 

imageClass 2The Canon Wheel 

image Online-help tutorials


image Tutorial 1getting started with milling (similar to Class 2 above)

imageTutorial 2getting started with turning (similar to Class 3 above)


imageSimCam Tutorial 1 - The Canon Wheel

imageSimCam Tutorial 2 - Part with curves

imageSimCam Tutorial 3 CAD/CAM

imageSimCam Tutorial Tutorial for Turning

imageSimCam Tutorial Add/ Edit Custom Lathe Tools


image  YouTube tutorials

  image SimCam: How to create your own lathe tools in CNCSimulator Pro

  image SimCam: How to create prefabricated lathe workpieces in SimCam

  image SimCam: Object Editing and Undo/ Redo

  image SimCam: Contour Drilling

  image SimCam: Drilling Tutorial

  image SimCam: Text Milling

  image SimCam: Create prefabricated milling workpieces using SimCam

  image SimCam: Ramping

  image SimCam: Offset Function

  image SimCam: Smooth Entry and Exit

image CNCSimulator built-in tutorials

image Learn how you can use the built-in Simulator Tutorials in the CNCSimulator Pro

 image Hardware DIY projects and tutorials

image DIY Arduino based Jog Controller

image SimBot: the 3D printed Arm Robot Project

image CNC UNO: the 3D Printed Desktop CNC Mill


Other tutorials and info

image  Tutorial: Radius compensation for milling machines

image  Info: The 4-axis machine with a C-axis rotary table

image  Tutorial: How to use the Corner fillet or chamfer tool

image  Tutorial: How to use the Arc Calculator Tool

image  Tutorial: How to use the Polar Coordinates Calculator Tool

image  Tutorial: How to both turn and mill the same part

image  Tutorial: Using the built-in Helpers (together)

image  Tutorial: Creating customized tutorials in CNCSimulator Pro

image  Tutorial: 3D Maker Tutorial 

Missing something? Let us know, we are glad to add more tutorials to help everyone getting started with CNCSimulator Pro!