CNCSimulator Pro

user guide

12.2.27. The CAM menu

There is a CAM sub-menu in the context menu (the menu that shows up when you click on an object).
This menu shows up for milling and cutting projects only.
The CAM menu provides you with a shortcut to common operations.
When you click an object that is part of a closed contour, the menu will show three alternatives. [Pocket], [Contour] and [Engrave].
When you click an object that is part of a non-closed contour, it will show only [Contour] and [Engrave].
The pocket function will help you create a pocket by asking for some values and options. This is a quick way to create a pocket.
The next window will let you select the direction and tool side while showing you a preview of the toolpath.
When you click the Done button, a pocket toolpath layer will be created. You can open the parameters for the layer to fine-tune the operation if needed.
The Contour function will let you create a contour milling operation in a similar way.
Sometimes you want to cut all objects on the layer with the same tool and parameters. For example when engraving an imported picture. In that case, use the Engrave function. It will create toolpaths for everything with the parameters you enter.
If you want more control over directions and order of the cutting operations, use the "Tracker" to manually define your toolpath contours.