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  • 13. SimCloud

13. SimCloud

Introduced in version 3.0, the SimCloud allows users to upload files to the Cloud. These files can be reached from any location with an Internet connection. Files can be Private or Public. Users can also create and share links to their cloud files.
Two types of files can be stored in the SimCloud; CNC files and SimCam files.
To save a CNC program in the cloud, click on Save CNC program in the Cloud  in the File menu.
A thumbnail screenshot will be created automatically. Fill out the information about your CNC file and select the type of access it should have.
The Access can be either:
Public - everyone can see and download the file
Private to account - all users on the same account can see and download the file
Private to PC - only users on this PC can see and download the file
A SimCam file is uploaded in a similar way.
To browse private and public files, click on Cloud Browser in the File menu.
A web page with the cloud files will open.
You can use the button on the top of the page to select if you want to see Private or Public files.
You can also search for files.
If you click on the filename, you will see the details page.
From here you can open the file.
You can also copy a link to the file to the clipboard. The link can be shared with others and be used to open both Private and Public files.
If someone shares a Cloud link with you, use the "Open Cloud Link" item in the File menu to open it.
Paste the link and click OK.
The SimCloud is a free service offered to our customers. We do not guarantee the integrity of your files. Always keep backup and never upload protected, secret or sensitive material. Be responsible! Do not use bad language or in any other way upload material that can be seen as offensive. We will block users that upload offensive material.
A note regarding public files. The staff will review all uploaded files that are set to public. If they find that the file does not add any value to other users, like for example when someone uploads one of our example files, they will set it to private. Only files that are considered to be useful to others will be allowed to be public.