CNCSimulator Pro

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12.2.8. Selecting and grouping

There are two ways to select objects:
Hold down the Control key on the keyboard while you click the objects you want to select.
Selected objects will show red dashed lines and arcs.
The second way of selecting objects is by right-clicking the drawing area and clicking [Select Window]. You will be able to mark a rectangle around all objects you want to select.
If you click anywhere in the SimCam window, without hitting an object, all selected objects will be deselected.
If you press Delete on the keyboard, all selected objects will be deleted.
You can click and drag selected objects to move them together.
If you want the objects to stay together more permanently, choose [Group selected] from the right-click Shortcut menu.
Groups will be treated as single objects and are convenient to move around, edit, etc.
To turn a group back into individual objects, select [Break apart] from its context menu.
You can manipulate groups by clicking them. A box with handles will be shown that allows you to size and rotate the group.
If there is a ring around the center handle, like in the picture above, the group can only be scaled by dragging the corner handles.
It cannot be stretched as it contains arcs (it would convert the arcs to ellipses).
A group consisting of only lines does not have this limitation (no ring around the center handle).
It can be scaled as well as stretched.
If you grab and drag one of the corner handles, the group will be scaled and stretched in both X and Y-axis.
To scale uniformly on both axis, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while dragging.
When holding down the Ctrl key, the center rectangle will turn green to indicate uniform scaling.
You can move the whole group by dragging the center handle.
Rotate the group by dragging the rotation handle.
If you hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while dragging the rotation handle, the rotation will be made in steps of 15 degrees.