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12.2.24. Milling Text

Start by creating a Text layer. Creating a layer can be done in two ways. Either by creating a contour when a guide layer is selected or by using the Add Toolpath Layer button in the Layers dialog.
If you use the first method, the type of the layer will be “No operation” and you will have to manually change it to a Text layer in the parameters dialog.
If you use the second method, the layer will become a Text layer without the need to change it in the parameters.
Any contours you create on the Text layer will be baselines for the text. Only one text string can be defined per layer.
Under the Basic tab, in the parameters for the Text layer, you set the cutting depth, feeds, rpm, and select the tool to use for the text milling.
Under the Text tab, you define the text string, font, and size of the text.
Please note that the toolside of the contour affects where the text will be created and if you invert the contour, you will get an inverted text.
In this picture, we have flipped the toolside and inverted the contour.
See this video tutorial on creating texts in SimCam: