CNCSimulator Pro

user guide

5.2. License

On this settings page, you will find information and settings regarding your CNCSimulator Pro license. Please note that even if you run the free version, you have a license. The program always creates a license the first time you start the program on a computer. It also creates an account on our server if it is the first time you install CNCSimulator Pro (on any computer).
Under License info, you find information about your license. The most important info is the License ID number. On each contact with the support, you should provide this number so we can help you faster. You do not have to write it down as you could just click on the Copy to clipboard button and then paste it (CTRL – V) into the email to support.
If you are running the free version, your license will expire eventually. This requires you to reactivate it (“refill petrol”) on our web page. Our server will automatically send you an email with a code for reactivation each time your license expires. This code is valid for a couple of weeks but will be deleted if not used in time. If you for some reason did not get the email or if your code has expired, you can resend the petrol mail by clicking the Re-send petrol mail button.
When you click the button, a mail containing the refill code will be sent to your default email address. This is the address that you used when you registered your account the first time you started CNCSimulator Pro. If you for some reason cannot receive emails from us (spam filters, firewalls, etc.), you can enter an alternative email address in the Copy to field. This could be another email you are using, an email of a relative, or a friend.
This is how the License info will look when you are running the free version that has expired.
The Days left number shows how many days you have left before the license expires, or when it has expired, it shows how many days that have passed since the expiry date.
The License extension should normally not be used and you can ignore this setting until getting instructions from support to use it.
When you have ordered CNCSimulator Pro Platinum Edition, you will be sent a key to activate your new license. To do so, paste the code in the License string field and click the Apply button.
Please note that you can also enter your license string by clicking HelpActivate license in the main menu.