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12.2.18. Layers

All guide objects and contours end up in layers. Layers control the order of the operations as well as keeps track of parameters etc. To open the layer dialog, click on the Layers button in the lower-left corner of the SimCam window.
Normally when you open the layers form, it shows up in a separate "floating" window. If you prefer to have the layers fixed in the SimCam window, you can use the function Dock/ undock Layers Form in the SimCam menu.
Guide objects automatically end up on the first layer. More guide layers can be added by clicking the green plus button at the bottom of the layers dialog.
Each layer in a SimCam project is represented by a “layer panel” in the layers dialog.
Let's look at the parts of the layer panel.
To the left, there is a thumbnail representation of the objects in the layer so you can easily recognize it. Next to the right of the thumbnail image, you find the info panel with information such as the layer type and name. On the right side, you have buttons to make the layer visible/ invisible and enabled/ disabled.
If you disable a layer by clicking the Padlock button, the layer objects will be dimmed and you will not be able to click on them. If you make it invisible, the objects will not be visible at all and disabled.
You can select a layer by clicking on it. When the layer is selected, the background will get a yellow color. Everything you draw will end up on the selected layer.
The selected layer can be moved up/ down and also duplicated by clicking the buttons at the bottom toolbar in the layers dialog.
Click on arrow up to move a selected layer up in the layers hierarchy and on the down arrow to move it down. This will control the order of the operations in the final CNC program. Layers at the bottom will be output last.
To duplicate the selected layer, click on the Duplicate button.
You can show all layers by clicking the bulb button and select Show All and hide them all by clicking the bulb button again and select Hide All.
Important! Only visible layers will output CNC code in the final CNC program.
To update all layers thumbnail image, click on the Refresh button. This will also recreate the CNC program in the editor to reflect the latest changes. Always remember to click this button after you have changed parameters etc.
To manually create a new toolpath layer, click on the Add Toolpath Layer button and select the layer type from the popup menu.
To hide the layers dialog, click on the Hide Layers Dialog button to the right.
The layers dialog can be shown and hidden at any time.
Layers have a gear button to the left. It is used to open the parameters for the layer. Alternatively, you can double-click the information field to open the parameters.
The gear button on toolpath layers is used to open the Cutting Operation Parameters dialog. For more information on parameters see Setting Parameters for operations.