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Index Grooving

You cut grooves in the workpiece using the grooving operation. Groves can either be a single cut operation or cutting along a contour.
When cutting grooves along a contour, just as with Rough cutting, you need a contour and you need to add two points to the layer that defines the "operation window". If you are not sure how to do that, please read about it under roughing.
Grooving type Select if you want a single groove cut or if you want to cut along a contour.
To X: If you select a single groove cut, enter to what diameter you want to cut here.
Tool overlap % If cutting along a contour, enter the tool overlap in percent here.
Clearance Here you enter the amount of clearance to the final contour. Normally you set a value here to save some stock material for the final fine cut.
Cut along axis Here you tell SimCam along which axis it is going to do the cuts.