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6.1.3. G76 Threading Cycle

Threads can be done externally or internally with this two block threading canned cycle. Here is a brief explanation of the cycle and its parameters.
The parameters of the first block are:
P: This parameter is composed of three values that control the thread behavior.
In the example above we have P010060. Let's take the numbers apart.
01: Number of spring cuts. This means when done with the thread cuts, the machine can be programmed to take a number of extra cuts at the same depth to smooth the final thread.
00: Run out angle. The angle used to leave the thread.
60: Infeed angle. The angle used when entering the thread.
Q: Depth of each normal cut. This value is given in hundreds so the Q500 above means 0.5.
R: Depth of last or finish cut.
The parameters of the second block are:
X: End value in the X-axis.
Z: End value in the Z-axis.
P: Thread depth (radial value).
Q: Depth of first cut.
F: Thread pitch.
Note! CNCSimulator Pro simplifies the threading process by ignoring some of the parameters, as for the simulation, it is not important to take every parameter literary. The important parameters for the simulator are the following:
The Q parameter in the first block tells the simulator how much to take for each cut.
The X and Z values of the second block tell the simulator were to end the thread.
The F parameter of the second block tells the simulator the pitch of the thread.
There is an example among the demo programs called Sample4_G76_Threading_units.cnc that you can run to see the cycle in action.