CNCSimulator Pro

user guide

1.4. File Browsers

When opening CNC files, machines, and SimCam files, a special kind of file browser will be shown. The browser has file preview capabilities. For example, when you want to open a CNC file, you can click on it to see a simplified preview of the tool paths.
The file browser has some buttons that can be helpful when dealing with files and folders.
The star button in the top right corner lets you save the current folder as a favorite. This makes it quick and easy to return to a folder you use often.
The button to the left of the favorites button lets you select the way files and folders are presented in the dialog.
Under the preview panel, there is an information panel. When, for example, you are browsing for machines and you are selecting one, you will see information before you opening it.
We recommend that you spend a moment to familiarize yourself with the file browser as it can be very helpful when you are looking for files in your storage.