CNCSimulator Pro

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12.2.23. Drilling

To do drilling, first add a drilling layer in the layers dialog by clicking the Add Toolpath Layer button (looking like a gear) in the layers dialog toolbar.
Then open the new layer's parameters by clicking the gear button in the layer panel.
Click the Drilling tab and select the type of drilling cycle you want to use.
Fill out the rest of the parameters like Hole Depth, Start Depth, etc. Under the Basic tab, fill out cutting data like spindle RPM, Feed rates, etc.
Click OK to close the Cutting Operation Parameters dialog.
From the SimCam menu, click [Point] and start adding points where you want to drill your holes.
You can also drill along contours.
Add a contour to a drilling layer that you want to use as a rail for the drilling.
The drilling will follow the contour adding holes at a distance you set under the drilling parameters.
The toolside of the contour has no effect but the contour direction decides in which order the holes will be drilled.
See video: