CNCSimulator Pro

user guide

4.2. Mill Workpieces

On this page, you browse and create your milling workpieces. Here you can also create sheet metal workpieces for cutting machines such as laser, water and plasma cutters.
The CNCSimulator comes with embedded built-in workpieces used for samples and demonstrations. These can also be used by the user, but they cannot be edited or deleted.
To add a new workpiece, click on the Add button and fill out the fields for workpiece size. You can browse your workpieces by using the blue left and right buttons.
If you have created materials on the materials page, you can select one of these in the Materials selector. If you leave it blank, a default gray metal-like material will be used.
Materials define the visual aspect of the workpiece such as colors, transparency etc.
You can also use prefabricated workpieces. To create a prefabricated workpiece you need to write a CNC program that makes the workpiece in the shape you want to have it. After simulation you can rotate the workpiece by clicking the option Flip or Rotate Workpiece in the Tools menu. Then select Save Workpiece from the Tools menu and save it under any name. Then you can select the file by clicking the yellow folder icon to the right of the Prefabricated workpiece field.
Too browse embedded workpieces, check the Browse embedded checkbox under the browser panel.
Please also note that you can insert workpieces from the Inventory Browser directly in the editor by clicking the Insert at cursor button.