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  • 8.3. Feeds And Speeds Calculator

8.3. Feeds And Speeds Calculator

(Version 2.0 and later)
With the Feeds And Speeds calculator you can calculate estimated values for F (feeds) and S (speeds) in your program. Please understand that feeds and speeds depend on many factors and it is your responsibility to make sure that the values calculated by the calculator do not inflict damage on your machine or on people.
You can either type in the tool diameter and the number of teeth manually, or you can use the Get Tool button to fetch these values from your tool registry. Please note that for this to work, you need to have predefined your tools with the Number of teeth value set.
When you enter the feed data, you can either fill in Feed per tooth or the Cutting Feed and for the Speed, you can either fill in the Cutting speed or the Spindle speed.
As soon as you change a value, the calculator re- calculates the other values for you.
You can also click the Materials button, to fetch predefined values for Surface Speed and Tool Feed.
This dialog has two tabs, one for your own predefined materials and one for example materials.
To define your own materials, press F2 to open the Inventory browser and click on the Materials tab. Fill in all information about your material, and make sure you fill in the Feeds and Speeds values.
This will make it easy for you to fetch these values via the Materials button at any time.
When all data is filled in, you can press the Insert F & S at cursor button to automatically insert the calculated values in the program.