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CNCSimulator Pro is a contemporary and advanced yet easy to use full 3D CNC simulation system with a virtual CNC controller and various machines as well as the integrated CAM system SimCam.

Download and start simulate your CNC code today!

Machine Maker

Machine Maker is the software that we at use internally to create virtual machines. It is now available as a free product for advanced users that want to create custom machines, plug-ins and postprocessors. The software is Beta and we appreciate issue reports and feedback from our users.

The software is free but you need to share any work you do with so that others get to enjoy it. You also need Platinum Edition in order to use it. We do not offer a public download link to the software as it is not for everyone. Users need to have good computer knowledge, know 3D design software and preferably have some level of programming knowledge.

We can only offer limited support on this software so users have to be prepared to experiment a great deal on their own. If you want to try the software and you feel that you are up to the task, please send an email to support asking for the download link. Let us know a little bit about you and your computer and CNC experience and what you want to create. We recommend that you have a look at the online help for Machine Maker before you contact us, to see if you think you would be able to work in it.

Important information, please read before you start making your own machines!

You can ONLY make the type of machines that we deliver with the simulator. Machine Maker cannot be used to create machines with more axes or other different ways of cutting the workpiece.

The simulator supports the following machine types:

  • 2 axis Lathe
  • 2 axis Cutter
  • 3 axis Mill
  • 4 axis Mill with indexing table (C-axis) *
  • 3 axis 3D Printer

* Please note that no other 4 axis mills can be created than one with a C-axis indexing table.

The Machine Maker is able to create machines with custom size and look, interpreters, intellisense and postprocessors but machines with new machining models cannot be created as long as they are not supported by the simulator.

New Retailer

As a retailer you will be able to sell software from Techromic Solutions SA (

Before signing the retailer agreement, the retailer needs to be consent of the following:

  • We sell online software only. The retailer and the client need a working Internet connection in order to use it.
  • We produce and deliver digital products, documents and other content only. We do not produce any material on paper, disks or other media.
  • We do no involve ourselves in reading tender specifications or other long technical specifications in order guarantee any particular functionality of the software. It is up to the retailer to read and write answers to such specifications and to handle the communication necessary in order to produce a sale.
  • We provide no other documentation to our products other than the information published on our web site. It is up to the retailer to compile other documents and specification that might be demanded by the client in order to create a sale.
  • In order for the retailer to enjoy a discounted retail price he must order all products himself using a retailers discount coupon. If the client orders directly from our order page, no commission will be received by the retailer.
  • The retailer will receive a coupon code granting a 25% discount upon approval. When the retailer has sold software licenses to a minimum of 10 unique customers, a 35% discount will be given. To receive this coupon code the retailer need to send a request email to support.
  • Retailer coupon codes can be used for sales coming from, and paid by the retailer only. If we see that retailer coupons are used by end customers, we may cancel the retailer agreement.
  • We expect our retailers to have a good knowledge of the products and to be able to be able to support the customer both before and after a sale. Training tutorials are available on our web site.
  • A minimum of one demonstration license needs to be purchased by the retailer, at a 25% discount. It can be used for a first year subscription of a single license. When the retailer has sold licenses to a minimum of 10 unique customers a free demonstration license will be provided upon request. This license will stay active as long as the retailer agreement stays active. If either the retailer or Techromic Solutions SA ends the agreement, the demonstration software license will be canceled as well.

To apply to becoming a retailer, please email support with a description of your company, your customer base and your experience in the CNC market. Also download and print out the retailer agreement linked below. Sign the agreement and return a scanned copy to support.

image12 Retailer agreement

We are looking forward to doing business with you!



Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Be patient while the page loads.
Standard Milling Center with CNC editor visible.
Turning with CNC controller visible.
Integrated competent CAM system “SimCam”.

Built-in CAD.
Integrated Gear Maker software.
Integrated 3D Milling software.
Built in user defined Tool and Work Piece library.
Material editor.
CNC code analyzer.
Feeds and Speeds calculator.
Carefully crafted user friendly dialogs throughout the program.
Cut and look inside work pieces during and after simulation.
Wizard for creating new programs. Great for beginners.
Built in tutorials for CNC training.
Lots of e-learning classes, tutorials and documentation on the site.
Visit the CNC Academy page to realize why CNCSimulator Pro is so popular at training institutes.
Code coloring CNC editor with popup help, automatic block numbering and more.
Many different CNC machine types and models to choose from.

More features:

  • Serial Communication
  • DXF Import and Export
  • Macro programming
  • Hardware and software Jog Controller Support
  • Support for DIY Arduino based projects
  • Excellent Help Desk Ticket based support system
  • Custom Prefabricated work pieces
  • Move a work piece from lathe to mill
  • Custom Lathe Tools support
  • Simulate weight of work pieces
  • Plugin support

All this and much more is included in the Platinum Edition

Can CNC get more fun?